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Veggie Zeolite capsules with a powerful natural immune booster - Humic acid



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  • ZEOLITE-AV is a breakthrough formula, containing 2 powerful all natural ingredients which have been proven to remove the toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals from your body, balance the pH in the body, and boost the immune system.

    Our Zeolite is mined specifically for human consumption and under top quality control. This is the form of Zeolite shown effective in scientific studies.


    Vegetable capsules

    Two capsules per serving

    Concentrated Humic Acid 40 times stronger than other humic acids on the market

    • Miracle supplement
      Only way to truly fight the chem trail poison being sprayed into our atmosphere daily. Really works to rid your body of the garbage it holds. I lost several pounds of false weight, and I look and feel much leaner. After one week of applying topically to my dogs skull where two tumors were growing, no evidence of the tumors exists and have not returned. I applied topically to a severe swollen wound on my shin, the pain and swelling went away and the wound healed nicely within 4 days. I love this product, it is amazing, I tell everyone I know about it and all have ordered Zeolite-AV with similar results. Best product on the market.


      Northeastern Oregon

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    • I could tell it was working---
      When I began taking the Zeolite-AV, my skin began to feel very smooth. I think this means it is doing something for me and I am waiting for further results.


      Albertville, Al

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    • The Importance Of Daily Detox
      Since Fukushima in 2011, I have highly recommended Zeolite AV to all my friends and loved ones all over this planet. The constant bombardment on a daily basis of the radiation which is carried on heavy metals in the jet stream over this planet is still kept out of the public domain. With my knowledge of the ingredients in chem-trails as well, this gives additional importance to the use of zeolite.I have used this product for over seven years as I am an advocate for daily detox in today's deleterious environment. Having healed myself from cancer three times using Gerson Therapy (raw food diet), Reiki and Ozone Therapy, many years ago, I thoroughly understand that the key to healing any degenerate disease is all about detoxing the body. Years ago I did an intense juice fast and clean out twice or thrice a year with EDTA and intermittent ozone for ten days. I still do these regimens, but now I feel some additional sort of daily agent for detoxing such as zeolite is essential for all of us.The massive increase in auto-immune disease all over the planet is a case in point. Once a year when I visit my family in the U.S. I gain weight and fall ill even though I try to eat organic.This shows me how serious things have become. I encourage everyone to use zeolite and to advocate the end of GMO...forget labeling. It is useless.Shut all GMO down!!! And in the meantime, use zeolite. Dr. Paula Horan
      (see below)


      Kathmandu, Nepal

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