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Amino acid

Any of a group of organic compounds containing one or more amino groups and one or more carboxyl groups. The alpha-amino acids are the component molecules of proteins essential to the human diet.


Also known as antibacterials, are types of medications that destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria. Antibiotics are used to treat infections caused by bacteria. Bacteria are microscopic organisms, some of which may cause illness.

Apple Pectin

A fiber found in apples used to prevent poisoning caused by lead, strontium, and other heavy metals


Periodically reordering of product that is sent out automatically. Only a one time set up is required


Balanced pH

Within the body, a balanced pH ranges from 7.35-7.45, slightly alkaline. Within this balanced environment foreign substances cannot thrive.


The extent to which a drug or other substance is taken up by a specific tissue or organ after administration


Of or having to do with organic compounds and their role in biochemical processes.

Blood-brain Barrier

A physiological mechanism that alters the permeability of brain capillaries, so that some substances, such as certain drugs, are prevented from entering brain tissue, while other substances are allowed to enter freely


Bark of the Boswellia Serrata tree used to treat arthritis and reduce joint inflammation


Calcuim (Calcium Carbonate)

Calcium Carbonate is an alkaline mineral that is not absorbed by the body but rather circulates throughout the body to maintain an alkaline pH.

Cec Rating

Cation-exchange capacity (CEC) is the maximum quantity of total cations, of any class, that a molecule is capable of holding, at a given pH value, available for exchange with other ions.

Cellular Level

At the level or position of the most basic structural and functional units of the human body.


Unicellular green algae potentially important as source of high-grade protein and B-complex vitamins


A natural zeolite comprising a micro porous arrangement of silica and alumina tetrahedra. This is the only form of zeolite safe for humans to ingest.


A form of payment to an affiliate for the sale of products to customers.

Crystalloid Electrolyte

Trace minerals that are essential for the functioning of the body's immune and hormonal systems. They carry ingredients directly to cells for maximum efficacy.


Derived from the spice Tumeric to ease swelling and joint pain.



A unique formula containing Zeolite that has been proven to absorb the toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals from your body, as well as boost the immune system without side effects.


Removal of toxic, unnatural and foreign substances from a living organism.

Dietary Supplement

Also known as a food supplement or nutritional supplement. It is intended to provide nutrients, such as vitamins, fiber, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids, which might be missing or lacking from the diet. The classification of dietary supplement varies by nation, some defining it as a food, and others as a natural health product or as a drug others.

Digestive tract

A long tube of organs that runs from the mouth to the anus and includes the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine, together with the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas, which produce important secretions for digestion that drain into the small intestine. The digestive tract in an adult is about 30 feet long

Dioxin/ Furans

Describes a group of hundreds of chemicals that are the by-product of industrial processes that use chlorine such as waste incineration, chemical and pesticide manufacturing, and pulp and paper bleaching. Dixons and Furans are commonly found in our environment, and enter our bodies through food, in addition to air and water. They are extremely toxic and are known carcinogens. Dixons and Furans were attributed as being the toxic component in Agent Orange.



All natural product with a unique formula designed to stop diarrhea, the uncomfortable pains associated with diarrhea, and sour stomach.


Food Grade

Edible and safe for human consumption

Free Radicals

Atoms, molecules, or ions with unpaired electrons on an open shell configuration that are highly chemically reactive. Radicals are believed to be involved in degenerative diseases and cancers.

Fulvic Acid

Natural component of soil that consists of large and small molecules produced as organic matter decays and breaks down.


Gelatin Capsules

Animal protein, non-vegetarian capsules used to create supplements in "pill" form

Ginger Root Gingerols

The active constituent of fresh ginger that reduces nausea and arthritis.


Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Organisms that have been genetically modified include micro-organisms such as bacteria and yeast, insects, plants, fish, and mammals. GMOs are the source of genetically modified foods.


Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a production and testing practice that helps to ensure a quality product. Complying with GMP guidelines is an aspect of the health supplement manufacturing industry required by the FDA in the US.


A Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) rating from the FDA ensures that the item has been approved for human consumption.


Heavy Metals

A subset of toxic elements that exhibit metallic properties, which would mainly include the transition metals, some metalloids, lanthanides, and actinides.

HFCS, High Fructose Corn Syrup

A common food sweetener that is extracted from corn syrup. The large amounts of HFCS being used in foods has been linked to the dramatic increase in obesity. Furthermore, The FDA recently discovered that much of the HFCS used in foods contains traces of mercury.

Human consumption

A substance that is safe for people to eat or ingest


Comprised of both humic and fulvic acids, Humates are nutrient rich, organic plant matter that are shown to help the body fight germs.

Humic Acid

Produced by biodegradation of dead organic matter. It is not a single acid; rather, it is a complex mixture of many different acids.



Inflammatory Bowel Disease (or IBD) is the inflammation and irritation of the colon and small intestine, and is usually caused by conditions, such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.


Irritated Bowel Syndrome (or IBS) is a disorder that affects the intestines, and is associated with abdominal pain and cramping, changes in bowel movements, and other symptoms.


Knight's Armor

A combination of bio-organic humic and fulvic acids, it replenishes the nutrients in our body that we no longer get from food due to over farming. Knights Armor contains over 72 essential vitamins and minerals with branch chain amino acids. This product was created to help boost your immune system and protect your body from germs and diseases.


Liquid Suspension

A liquid solution where particles suspended within it, not dissolved.

Liquid Zeolite

Not actually zeolite that has been liquefied. All current forms of "liquid zeolite" are powdered zeolite suspended in a liquid solution, most commonly water (see Liquid Suspension).


Marquee Mobility

Specially formulated to reduce inflammation and tenderness in your joints


Unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter. This measurement is used to identify different particle sizes of zeolite.


Merchandise Return Authorization number is required to return products to Regal Supplements.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

A marketing strategy in which a sales person (affiliate) is paid commission for sales they generate, in addition to a portion of commissions from sales generated by other salespeople that they recruit.



A combination of the words "nutrition" and "pharmaceutical," and is a food or food product offers health and medical benefits that range from prevention to treatment of diseases. Examples of nutraceuticals include dietary supplements, genetically engineered foods, herbal products, and processed foods. Nutraceuticals are often used to compliment or as an alternative treatment to modern medical practices

Nutrient Deficient Food

Food lacking essential vitamins and nutrients.

Nutrient Rich

Containing maximum amounts of essential vitamins and nutrients


Over Farming

When crops are grown on the same plot of land for many years without rotation, the soil becomes depleted of natural occurring nutrients.



Third-party secure payment system. Used by Regal Supplements as payment method or commission payout.


A measure of the acidity or basicity of a solution on a scale from 1-7.

Pharmaceutical grade

A standard of purity suitable for use as a medicine.


Any of numerous natural and synthetic compounds of usually high molecular weight consisting of up to millions of repeated linked units, each a relatively light and simple molecule.

Preventative Care/ Preventative Medicine

When measures are taken to prevent a disease or injury, instead of curing and treating their symptoms. This practice contrasts greatly with the common practice of medicine that is curative and palliative in method.



Energy that is emitted as particles or waves.

Radioactive Fallout

The slow descent of minute particles of radioactive debris in the atmosphere following an explosion or plant meltdown

Radioactive Isotope

Atoms with a different number of neutrons than a usual atom, with an unstable nucleus that decays, emitting alpha, beta and/or gamma rays

Royal Detox

A collection of the most effective natural detoxifiers. This unique formulation delivers the most balanced, complete, and thorough detox on the market today.



A microscopic blue-green alga in the shape of a spiral coil, living both in sea and fresh water used to remove heavy metals.



Poisonous substances within the body, such as heavy metals, pesticides, radiation, and free radicals.


Vegetable Capsules

Also known as Veggie Caps. Capsules used to make all of Regal Supplements encapsulated products, they contain no animal products and are approved vegetarian

Vitamin B-12

Also known as Cyanocobalamin used to treat vitamin B12 deficiency and low energy levels.

Vitamin D-3

A form of vitamin D added to fortify foods


ZEO Health

Manufacturing company that makes high quality zeolite products.


Microporous, aluminosilicate mineral with a natural negative charge and strong cage-like structure. It is used as a detox agent due to its ability to trap toxins and remove them safely from the body.

Zeolite Pure

Contains all natural powdered mineral Zeolite that has been proven to absorb the toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals from your body, as well as boosting the immune system without side effects. This mineral will balance the body's pH.


Contains 2 powerful all natural ingredients which have been proven to remove the toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals from your body, act as an antiviral, balance the pH in the body, and boost the immune system.


Zeolite suspension that uses the highest amount of specially micronized Zeolite in a naturally antimicrobial base of proven beneficial vitamins which support more efficient use and benefits of Zeolite.