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For FAQ questions regarding zeolite, please visit our parent company website: ZEO Health

How long until my order will ship?

We try to ship same day if the order is received before noon est. However, we usually ship within 24 hours after the order is received unless there is extenuating circumstances.

How long until my order is received by me?

It depends on what speed shipping that you paid for but orders within the USA usually arrive in 3-5 days after being shipped. International orders can be up to 30 days depending on the shipping type chosen.

What happens when I pay using a check?

The order is held until the check is received, deposited, and cleared by the bank. Once the check has cleared, your order is shipped.

Why is my credit card being rejected even though I have funds available?

Our system has what is called an AVS system which detects potential fraud. The system checks the billing address you used for this credit card transaction, against the address you have on file with your bank (the address where you receive your credit card statements). If the addresses don't match, our system will reject the order, even if you bank has not.

I see multiple charges on my credit card after my transaction was rejected by your system. Am I being charged multiple times?

No. Since the bank isn't rejecting the transactions, and the rejection is from our system, the bank puts a temporary hold on those funds because it doesn't know that our system rejected the transaction because of the AVS system. The charges are not real, and only a charge that we settle, will stay on the card. The others are considered ghosts and disappear off of your card in a few days. So if you are able to resolve the billing address issue, that one charge is the only one that will be real and stay on your card.

Why do you ask for an email address with the order?

The email is used for sending you a receipt for the transaction, as well as shipping confirmation. You may be asked to allow us to put your email on our mail list. We are like you, and don't want a ton of emails after buying something. So we only send out a couple of emails a year. Usually for a sale with a coupon code, or some important announcement to keep you up to date. We do not and will not ever sell your personal information to another company to market to you. We are mad when companies do that to us too!