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As a Regal Supplements Affiliate, you will make 10% commission on any wholesale purchase you refer. Wholesale customers usually offer a steady flow of commissions since they must order larger quantities and keep products in stock to satisfy their patrons.

If you know of any supplement stores in your area that could become good wholesale customers, please call or visit the store and talk to someone about our products. (Be sure to remember who you spoke to!) Once you have made a contact, let that person know they will be receiving a phone call from our company with an exclusive 10% discount on their first purchase. If they decide to become a wholesaler of Regal Supplements products, you will receive 10% commission on every order they place.

Then, please fill out the form below with the name of your contact, the store name and address, and phone number and we will be sure to send them a product catalogue linked to your affiliate code. 

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