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Protect your body and boost your immune system naturally with our vegetarian formula of humic & fulvic minerals (humates), designed to naturally build a stronger immune system for optimum health and well-being.


Knights Armour Immunity Boost


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With the depletion of nutrients in food these days, it has become more and more important to supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals to ensure you are getting the recommended amount. All-natural dietary supplements that support the consumption of necessary minerals are becoming a staple in diets.

Regal Supplements is no stranger to dietary supplements, especially when it comes to those products that promote healthy immune systems. Our Knights Armor immune supplement does just that. A combination of bio-organic humic and fulvic acids, it replenishes the nutrients in our body that we no longer get from food due to over farming. Knights Armor contains over 72 essential vitamins and minerals with branch chain amino acids. This product was created to help boost your immune system.

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